Russian web and graphic designer seeks partners

14 April 2017

Advantages and Innovations
The company has a broad experience in web-based applications, graphic design, branding and trademarks development and registration and is offering cooperation that is both advantageous and profitable: 1. Pricing. The company has a well-trained and experienced personnel to face any challenge in web-based application or graphic design development at the low-cost level which makes a potential cooperation both cost-effective and economically feasible. 2. Timing. The company practices a project evaluation and review technique methodology so any project is managed so that it is time-trackable at any development stage. The price for such activity in Europe is 4 times higher than in Russia - own marketing department investigated this fact. 3. Precision and accuracy. All projects are fully documented and evaluated at any stage so it is possible to transfer it to another development team at low-risk level. 4. Communication. The company has a developed customer relation management system so all communication is conducted and documented for a successive analysis and assesment. So all of this constitute a well-balanced system that can make the cooperation with our company both profitable and comfortable for any client.

Description of the offer
The company from the Republic of Mordovia specializes in web-based applications, graphic design, branding and trademark creation. Established in 2008, the company the company has been engaged in a large-scale web-based-project development for various Russian and European clients since 2009 and now has the great expertise in PHP, Java script and Python (more than 200 huge projects were implemented. The company also has a long-lasting regional reputation in branding, i.e. a full-cycle trade-mark development and support (from logo and ad character creation to running a large-scale media campaign). The company is currently looking for the partner who has a recorded experience in the field of web-development and branding activities to represent the company services to the potential clients within commercial agency agreement. The role of such a partner will be presenting the services, running negotiations and signing contracts and agreements on the company's behalf. The expected result of the cooperation will be a network of permanent clients to render the services of Russian SME.

Partner's sphere of activity
web-development, branding activities.

Partner's tasks
representing the company's services and finding potential clients.

A Russian company specialized in web-based applications, graphic design, branding and trademarks development and registration is looking for partners with a long-term experience in the field of web-development and branding to sign commercial agency agreements.

Technological Keywords
01004005 e-Government  / 01004015 ICM - Internet Content Management  / 01005006 Visualisation, Virtual Reality

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of Partnership Required
Commercial Agency Agreement

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