A Russian producer of organic vodka seeks distributors.

14 April 2017

Advantages and Innovations
- The 40% alcohol organic vodka produced in glass bottles of 0.7 litres comes in gift packagings. -The product is certified in accordance with the European quality management system (ISO 22000:2005); -The company was the first in Russia to produce organic vodka that had no analogues among Russian alcoholic brands; -The product possesses a very rich taste and aroma due to the use of natural raw materials – rye grain, malt and crystal artesian water; -Special filter technology helps to achieve the exceptional softness and balance of flavour; -Every stage of production from soil preparation for wheat sowing to the final bottling is being certified by the European authorized organization AbCert AG (Germany); -Production is carried out on modern German equipment that meets international quality standards; -The company has its own laboratory for the control of finished products.

Description of the offer
The Russian company from the Republic of Mordovia specializes in production of organic vodka. Established in 2015, the company produce alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: vodka, dessert beverages, drinking water (still and carbonated) and lemonade. The entire process of making alcoholic beverages meets requirements of the traditional Russian technology (distillation of fermented cereal grains). Four German automatic lines for bottling (capacity up to 6 thousand pieces per hour) and the Italian washing machines make the process of brewing technologically balanced, environmentally friendly and cost effective, allowing to obtain beverages of high quality. The production process for organic vodka includes the following stages: 1) The wheat is grown in pristine areas of the Republic of Mordovia. 2) The wheat goes to the certified factory for making grain alcohol. 3) The alcohol passes the stages of blending, filtering and final control. 4) After rest period organic vodka is being bottled. All products of the company has many awards in the most prestigious Russian exhibitions – "Green week", "Prodexpo", "100 best goods of Russia", "Best goods of Mordovia", "Best Vodka of the Year". The company is interested in finding partners from the trade sector - intermediators or distribution networks to cooperate within distribution services agreement. The partner is expected to wholesale purchase the product and then sell it to shopping facilities. The expected result of the mutual cooperation is supply of produced goods and its distribution on foreign markets.

Market Keywords
07003001 Wine and liquors

Partner's sphere of activity
companies which sell alcoholic beverages.

Partner's tasks
product wholesale purchase and its distribution on EU and CIS markets.

The Russian company specializes in production of organic vodka is looking for partners abroad to cooperate under distribution services agreement.

Technological Keywords
08001001 Drink Technology

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of Partnership Required
Distribution Services Agreement

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