Russian company specializes in cross-platform mobile application development and testing services, is looking for trade representatives.

14 April 2017

Advantages and Innovations
- Experience of delivering projects to big companies and SMEs in the Russian Federation ( and Europe (such as Greece, Poland, Serbia); - Full IT-consultancy (product architecture, documentation, coding) and problem solving (testing, bug-tracking); - The team with specialists with long-term experience (over 10 years) in ICT; - Verified and safe technologies only (virus and bug-free development); - Dynamic response to client's needs (24/7 support is provided by the company's specialists); - Verification and cooperation on every level of work with the client due to project evaluation and review technique methodology; - Highest project quality (at least 5 project were downloaded over 1 million times each); - Careful term attitude during game testing and development (games are tested by different hardware configurations according to the client's demands and needs).

Description of the offer
Russian company from the Republic of Mordovia specializes in providing mobile application development and testing services. Established in 2004, the company is involved into developing mobile, browser, client games, games for social networks and their operating. The main priority is the development of projects based on the principles of board and collectible card games, expanding the personal strategic and intellectual skills. The company has also been providing testing services starting from 2012 such as testing mobile and client applications. The company offers testing services for projects of any complexity. The company's experience is highly appreciated by big game companies (such as that use the services for searching errors in business projects and game products. The company provides not only Russian-speaking testers but also specialists who are able to work with English materials and document bug-reports in English. The company uses over 140 hardware configurations for performance and compatibility tests. The services the company provides now include but not limited to: 1. Functional testing (testing of functional requirements of the projects and cross-browser testing); 2. Testing of applications in different browsers and operational systems, i.e. regression testing and updates tracking; 3. End-to-end testing, which includes usability analysis of application interface or site for end user; 4. Testing of application compatibility with particular configuration requirements; 5. Testing of product installation, settings, updates and uninstallation on different devices. The Russian company is ready to provide all necessary information about their services, the portfolio of implemented projects and ready to interact via Internet with potential customers found by a foreign partner. The company is currently looking for the partner who has a recorded experience in the field of IT-development and mobile application publishing to represent the company's services to the potential clients within commercial agency agreement. The company offers special pricing conditions to its partners and marketing support. The role of such a partner will be presenting the services, running negotiations and signing contracts and agreements on the company's behalf. The expected result of the cooperation will be a network of permanent clients to render the services of Russian SME - the Russian company will be able to find new customers, strengthen its position in the international market and gain new experience and opportunities for further development. The foreign partner will be able to expand the range of offered services and a customer base as well as get a reliable partner in the Russian IT-market.

Partner's sphere of activity
web-development and consultancy.

Partner's tasks
representing the company's services and finding potential clients.

Russian company specializes in fintech and gaming cross-platform mobile application development and testing services, i.e. bug-tracking, installation checks, architecture and code check. It is looking for partners in the European Union to cooperate under a commercial agency agreement.

Technological Keywords
01004011 Maintenance Management System

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of Partnership Required
Commercial Agency Agreement

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