Russian producer of silicon carbide power invertors seeks distributors.

14 April 2017

Advantages and Innovations
1 The key advantages of the company are: - own full-cycle production facility; - low production cost; - environment-friendly products; 2 SiC (silicon carbide) devices in the component base significantly improve product performance, efficiency, reliability and radically reduce the weight and dimensions of the device. 3 SiC-based devices can operate at frequencies up to 100 MHz and higher in comparison with typical 5-10 MHz for a pure silicon device, thereby it is possible to substantially reduce the size of the inductive elements of the inverter. 4 Due to the high performance SiC devices in the inverter, the total number of components is reduced, which also help to minimize the product size. The stable operational temperature of SiC-based device avarages at 100 degrees of Celcius which is significantly lower to compare it to a regular silicon chip (200-250 C). This 1)reduces the risk of overheating, 2)at times allows utilizing a passive radiator, while silicon chip would require an air blowing fan.

Description of the offer
The Russian company from the Republic of Mordovia was established in 1996 as a small business enterprise. Since that time the company has been specializing in power inventors production. It now has the access to the production and testing laboratories and production site, has highly qualified and professional personnel with experience in creating peripheral devices for "smart" energy conversion and utilization. These devices are used in the situations of: - no centralized power supply; - electricity shortages; - insufficient electric power supply; - utilization of renewable energy sources (solar panels and wind turbines); - accumulation of energy from independent sources (petrol-/diesel-/gas generators), to reduce noise and increase the generator lifespan. Now the offered products surpass many Russian analogues due to the specific characteristics: coefficient of efficiency (98%), weight (9 kg), power (4W). Production capacity of the company allows to produce up to 100 units per month. Each invertor is packed separately. A minimum lot consists of 5 invertors. Power invertors are supplied with in-built income overload safeguards to protect connected electric devices. This implies that outcome voltage is gradually decreased (in the situation of power overload) but is normalized by the invertor to protect the device and at the same time ensure its functionality. This mode provides power outcome that equals the invertor nominal power capacity with any start current. In case of a short current, the invertor turnes into current stabilization mode and its power outcome becomes 0 to protect the connected devices and wiring. The invertors have low power consumption mode which means that the device is switched off in case of income power in lower than a few watts. The device is automatically switched on every 15 seconds to check the income power load, if it is sufficient the invertor switches back into normal mode, if not - it stays turned off. The SiC-based products and systems are used in special vehicles of ministry of emergency situations, ministry of internal affairs, coast guards, laboratories, ambulances, maintenance crews, etc. The company is interested in finding partners with a recorded experience in electricity-related production sale to represent the company and sell the product on the company's behalf to appropriate EU clients. The partner is expected to purchase the product and then sell it on the EU market within distribution services agreement to clients who use solar, wind or water energy sources (i.e. private households, solar plants, etc.).

A Russian company specialized in producing Silicon Carbide power invertors for regions with unstable electrical supply is looking for partners selling to private households or small power plants under the distribution services agreement.

Technological Keywords
04005005 Solar/Thermal energy  / 04005008 Wind energy  / 04007001 Energy management

Type and Role of Partner Sought
Type of partner: SMEs, "smart" energy utilization, distribution and trade.

Type of Partnership Required
Distribution Services Agreement

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