Russian manufacturer of single-axle trailers seeks distributors.

14 April 2017

Advantages and Innovations
The main features of the vehicles are: 1. Uniaxial semi-trailers are made fully of galvanized sheet with coating thickness at least 20 mm that guarantees corrosion resistance and quality of all parts. 2. The assembly is carried out by using fasteners (parts can be easily replaced without welding). 3. The arcs of semi-trailers have high rigidity and are easy to disassemble. 4. The inner surface of semi-trailers is made of waterproof plywood reinforced with wire mesh. 5. Front and back boards can be folded and the side board can be removed, providing an easy way for transportation.

Description of the offer
The Russian company from the Republic of Mordovia has been manufacturing unaxial trailers for of its own design since 2011. This is one of the leading Russian companies specializes in engineering, manufacturing and selling modern special needs trailers, providing the highest quality of products, competitive prices and variety of choice. Currently the company produces tent and boat trailers for the following purposes: transportation of large and indivisible loads; building and agriculture purposes; recreational purposes; transportation of vehicles (motorcycles, water transport). The company has a full-cycle German production and Japanese assembly lines to manufacture up to 15 trailer a day using local manufacturers' material purchasing only high-quality auto tyres from a known European manufacturer (Hungary). The company has a broad distribution network in the Russian Federation selling the production across the country and abroad. The delivery methods vary from railroad to autotrailer shipping. The main company's clients are regional dealers that specialize in selling trailers, spare parts and additional automotive equipment. Since 2011, the company has dealers in more than 30 cities of Russia and this is one of the largest manufacturers of trailers in the Russian Federation. All products are manufactured according to the Russian weather conditions, giving attention to the quality, durability and ease of maintenance. The company has a certified quality management system to meet the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001. As for the special features of production, steel trailer construction has a full hot-dip galvanized coverage, which is more effective than zinc spatter. It makes a reliable protection against corrosion on the external and internal surfaces of a trailer. For now, the tent trailers are the most common form of load-carrying transport. A removable tent enables easy loading of any types of cargoes. The design of the products and all the technological solutions have patents and necessary Eurasian Customs Union certificates for selling the goods on the territory of the Customs Union. The company seeks a perspective business partner in the field of trading to distribute the product on EU market and is ready to sign distribution services agreement. The expected result of the mutual cooperation is a wide-range distribution of the product as a part of the partner's commercial offer on a long-term basis.

Partner's sphere of activity
trading companies engaged in the sphere of selling trailers, semi-trailers, spare parts and additional automotive equipment.

Partner's tasks
product wholesale purchase and its distribution on EU markets.

A Russian company specialized in single-axle trailer production is searching for partners to sell the goods on the EU market under a distribution services agreement.

Technological Keywords
02008005 Road Transport  / 02009001 Design of Vehicles

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of Partnership Required
Distribution Services Agreement

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